Set inland on the banks of the Dalyan River, the village of Dalyan is a peaceful holiday backwater unspoilt by mass tourism. The romance of the place is heightened each morning as a fleet of gaily-painted boats chug off down the river carrying holidaymakers to the glorious sandy beaches at the mouth of the river delta. Starting from Dalyan Harbour the voyage through beds of bulrushes and pampas grass takes around 45 enjoyable minutes - the entire Delta is a protected National Conservation area and is home to over 100 species of birds along with no less than three varieties of turtle, including the Loggerhead.

Not everybody heads for the beaches each day, with many electing relax around their hotel pool, followed perhaps with an afternoon stroll along the river or village in search of a quiet spot to take lunch. Later, with the cooler evening air soothing sun kissed shoulders, you can once again walk the riverbank to settle in a waterside restaurant. The fish in Dalyan is quite excellent, especially when accompanied with a chilled beer as the setting sun sends shadows chasing through the nearby rock tombs. Make no mistake, if you need loud clubs open till late then Dalyan will disappoint, but we've found the main street through the resort provides more than enough bars and restaurants to keep your conversations fresh. Dalyan provides a holiday rich in peace and quiet, close to nature and with a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

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